Photo of Ron Clark

Ron Clark

Lead Chaplain at Calgary, Alberta

As the Western Canada Representative Chaplain at our Calgary, Alberta chapel, Ron works with our Canada West Board member, James Bruyn. Ron does ministry promotions and chaplain recruitment. He and his wife, Linda, love to share the good news of the Gospel.

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Photo of Crystal Harrison

Crystal Harrison

Office Support

Crystal is responsible for incoming mail and does all of our printing in house. She also answers the phone and puts together all the mailings we send out, as well as providing various kinds of office support as needed.  

Photo of Don & Suzanne Harrison

Don & Suzanne Harrison

Executive Director & Office Administrator

Don & Suzanne founded Open Road Chapels in 1992. Rev Don is Executive Director of Open Road Chapels. Suzanne is Office Administrator.

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Photo of Jim Lantz

Jim Lantz

Lead Chaplain at Lancaster, Ontario

Jim is our Lead Chaplain at the Lancaster, Ontario, chapel. He has lead the team there, until recently, along with his wife, Maxine. Their commitment and passion for the ministry has seen many lives touched and impacted for the Lord. Our condolences, love and compassion for our brother in the Lord, Jim, as he mourns the passing of his sweet wife and ministry partner. God bless you, Jim, as you continue in your ministry with the Lord.

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Photo of Michelle Munoz Torres

Michelle Munoz Torres

Communications Coordinator

Michelle is our part-time Communications Coordinator.

Photo of Grant Ross

Grant Ross

Volunteer Chaplain at Calgary, Alberta

Grant volunteers at our Calgary, Alberta chapel.

Photo of Dave Brown

Dave Brown

Volunteer Chaplain at London, Ontario

Dave volunteers at our London, Ontario chapel.

Photo of Ron Burley

Ron Burley

Volunteer Chaplain at Headingley, Manitoba

Ron volunteers at our Headingley, Manitoba chapel.

Photo of Ryan Carney

Ryan Carney

Chaplains’ Communications Coordinator

Ryan has over ten years of experience in the Heavy Truck repair industry as a parts and service manager for two busy shops. More recently, Ryan stepped out of his role in the service industry to pursue his calling in Christian ministry. He has some ministry training, through Emmanuel Bible College, where he is working toward a degree in counselling. Ryan has a heart for ministry and people being touched by the message of the Gospel and has a passion to see lives changed for the better as a result of a relationship with Jesus Christ. He has also worked in small engine repair, while pursuing his passion for ministry. Ryan is a devoted husband to his wife, Jessica, and father to their two boys. Welcome aboard and God bless you, Ryan!

Photo of Gordon Fadun

Gordon Fadun

Volunteer Chaplain at Winnipeg, Manitoba

Gordon volunteers at our Winnipeg, Manitoba chapel.

Photo of Alma Floyd

Alma Floyd

Lead Chaplain at Edmonton, Alberta

Alma is Head Chaplain at the chapel in Edmonton, Alberta. She leads a team of wonderful men and women that love the Lord and have a real passion for leading lost souls to the gospel.

Photo of Richard Poulin

Richard Poulin

Volunteer Chaplain at Napanee, Ontario

Richard volunteers at our Napanee, Ontario chapel.

Photo of Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith

Volunteer Chaplain at Napanee, Ontario

Lynn volunteers at our Napanee, Ontario chapel.

Photo of Don Weber

Don Weber

Volunteer Chaplain at London, Ontario

Don volunteers at our London, Ontario chapel.

Photo of Ken Wilsdon

Ken Wilsdon

Volunteer Chaplain at Calgary, Alberta

Ken volunteers at our Calgary, Alberta chapel.

Photo of Garfield Wilson

Garfield Wilson

Lead Chaplain at Napanee, Ontario

Garfield is the Lead Chaplain at the Napanee Chapel. He has had many years of experience with Open Road Chapels as a volunteer. Garfield loves sharing the Gospel with people in the trucking industry and making a difference for the Lord in their lives.