Photo of Ron Clark

Ron Clark

Lead Chaplain at Calgary, Alberta

As the Western Canada Representative Chaplain at our Calgary, Alberta chapel, Ron works with our Canada West Board member, James Bruyn. Ron does ministry promotions and chaplain recruitment. He and his wife, Linda, love to share the good news of the Gospel.

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Photo of Crystal Harrison

Crystal Harrison

Office Support

Crystal is responsible for incoming mail and does all of our printing in house. She also answers the phone and puts together all the mailings we send out.

Photo of Don & Suzanne Harrison

Don & Suzanne Harrison

Executive Director & Office Administrator

Don & Suzanne founded Open Road Chapels in 1992. Rev Don is Executive Director of Open Road Chapels. Suzanne is Office Administrator.

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Photo of Jim Lantz

Jim Lantz

Lead Chaplain at Lancaster, Ontario

Jim is our Lead Chaplain at the Lancaster, Ontario, chapel. He leads the team there, along with his wife, Maxine. Their commitment and passion for the ministry has seen many lives touched and impacted for the Lord.

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Photo of Michelle Munoz Torres

Michelle Munoz Torres

Communications Coordinator

Michelle initially designed our logo many years ago and is now our part-time Communications Coordinator.

Photo of Grant Ross

Grant Ross

Volunteer Chaplain at Calgary, Alberta

Grant volunteers at our Calgary, Alberta chapel.

Photo of Ron Burley

Ron Burley

Volunteer Chaplain at Headingley, Manitoba

Ron volunteers at our Headingley, Manitoba chapel.

Photo of Alma Floyd

Alma Floyd

Lead Chaplain at Edmonton, Alberta

Alma is Head Chaplain at the new permanent chapel in Edmonton, Alberta. She leads a team of wonderful men and women that love the Lord and have a real passion for leading lost souls to the gospel.

Photo of Darren Milley

Darren Milley

Director/Chaplain, Shepherd of the Road

We're excited to introduce to you our newest team member, Chaplain Darren Milley. Darren will be the Director of the “Shepherd of the Road” arm of Open Road Chapels; proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, on the road and in the workplace. Great to have you on board, Darren.

Photo of Richard Poulin

Richard Poulin

Chaplain, Napanee Chapel

We're excited to introduce you to another new team member, Chaplain Richard Poulin. Richard will be acting as one of our chaplains at the Napanee Chapel. God bless you, Richard, as you start your ministry with us.

Photo of Mel Simmons

Mel Simmons

Soon to be Volunteer Chaplain at Hope, British Columbia

Mel and Nancy Simmons join Open Road Chapels bringing with them many years of chaplaincy experience. Mel begins the ministry preparing for the new permanent chapel at Hope, British Columbia.

Photo of Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith

Volunteer Chaplain at Napanee, Ontario

Many years ago, the Lord brought a choice couple, Lynn and Bea Smith, to Open Road Chapels, and through the hand of the Lord, developed a tremendous ministry. As the hands on the clock move forward, Lynn and Bea are moving forward in faith and have decided to change from being the lead chaplain to the position of volunteer chaplain. Lynn will work on the chapel with limited hours, Monday and Tuesday, providing the opportunity for him to spend more time with Bea, and allowing him to pursue his love of music, especially playing guitar. On behalf of Open Road Chapels, I want to say, thank you to Lynn and Bea, for your faithful service and countless hours working behind the scenes. We look forward to your continued ministry on the Napanee chapel.

Photo of Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor

Soon to be Volunteer Chaplain at Hope, British Columbia

Kim will join the ministry as a chaplain at Hope, British Columbia, once the permanent chapel is placed.

Photo of Ken Wilsdon

Ken Wilsdon

Volunteer Chaplain at Calgary, Alberta

Ken volunteers at our Calgary, Alberta chapel.

Photo of Garfield Wilson

Garfield Wilson

Lead Chaplain at Napanee, Ontario

Garfield has volunteered at our Napanee, Ontario chapel for many years, and now upon the decision of Lynn and Bea Smith to step back from the Lead Chaplain position, Garfield has graciously agreed to take on the responsibility. God bless you as you move forward into this new venture, Garfield.