Photo of Ron Clark

Ron Clark

Western Canada Representative Chaplain at our Calgary, Alberta “The Meeting Place”

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Photo of Don & Suzanne Harrison

Don & Suzanne Harrison

Don & Suzanne founded Open Road Chapels in 1992. Don is Executive Director of Open Road Chapels. Suzanne is Office Administrator.

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Photo of Jerry Joanisse

Jerry Joanisse

He is Open Road Chapel's in-house photographer.

Photo of Jim Lantz

Jim Lantz

Full-time chaplain Lancaster, Ontario “Meeting Place.”

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Photo of Michelle Munoz Torres

Michelle Munoz Torres

Michelle Munoz Torres is a graphic specialist and has been a long time servant of the Lord for us. She initially designed our logo many years ago and has now joined us part-time as our Communications Coordinator.

Photo of Anthony Rauws

Anthony Rauws

Antonie is transitioning from board member to full-time Operations Coordinator. Antonie brings to the Board years of experience serving on Church Boards. He has retired from the automotive industry as a mechanic and can relate to the trucking industry. Antonie has a passion to see people won to the Lord, a great compliment to our Board.

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Photo of Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith

Chaplain at Napanee, Ontario “The Meeting Place.”

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Photo of Nelson Antle

Nelson Antle

Volunteers at the Winnipeg, Manitoba Chapel

Photo of Nick Bhatti

Nick Bhatti

Member of the Open Road Chapels team whose ministry will be reaching the Muslim community from the Winnipeg, Manitoba chapel.

Photo of Crystal Harrison

Crystal Harrison

Crystal is responsible for incoming mail and does all of our printing in house.

She also answers the phone and puts together all the mailings we send out.

Photo of Garry Poff

Garry Poff

Volunteers at Napanee, Ontario  "The Meeting Place."

Photo of Donna Rauws

Donna Rauws

Donna Rauws works on receipting, payroll, staff reports and newsletters.

Photo of Grant Ross

Grant Ross

Volunteer at our Calgary, Alberta “Meeting Place.”

Photo of Ken Wilsdon

Ken Wilsdon

Volunteer at our Calgary location “The Meeting Place.”

Photo of Garfield Wilson

Garfield Wilson

Volunteers at Napanee, Ontario Chapel

Photo of Gregory Wollf

Gregory Wollf

Greg provides Technical Assistance for the Orillia office.