Photo of Bruce Benson

Bruce Benson

Bruce is a founding member of the Board of Directors for Open Road Chapels, which started in 1992. He has been, and continues to be, Chairman of Finance. Bruce and his wife, Carol, are long-time supporters of Open Road Chapels and he brings with him many years of expertise in business. He also has vast experience serving on various Boards and is very familiar with this area of ministry.

Photo of Irene Barnes

Irene Barnes

Irene Barnes is welcomed to the Board of Open Road Chapels. She brings with her enthusiasm and a desire to serve the Lord. Irene is our General Secretary for Board Meetings where she puts pen to paper regarding decisions and conversations with minute taking.

Photo of Roger Barnes

Roger Barnes

Roger is the Canada East Board member, which involves the ministry in Ontario. He comes to us with vast experience in ministry -- a very gifted man. Roger will share insight into the operations of Open Road Chapels as he has a large heart to serve others.

Photo of Ron Burley

Ron Burley

Ron is our Canada Central Board member, including Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and he has deep ministry roots. He is involved in his Church and airport chaplaincy. Ron has a strong desire to help the lost men and women in Trucking.

Photo of Vic Lawson

Vic Lawson

Vic Lawson, Canada West Board member. He is responsible for British Columbia and Alberta, and the operations in that area. He comes to us with experience in trucking and business ownership. Vic has a heart for reaching the lost.

Photo of John Phinnemore

John Phinnemore

John is a founding member of Open Road Chapels and brings with him a vision and a heart for reaching the lost in the Trucking Industry. He is part of the Chapel opening at Pilot Flying J in London, Ontario. John works with Roger Barnes.