Photo of Roger Barnes

Roger Barnes

Roger is the Canada East Board member, which involves the ministry in Ontario. He comes to us with vast experience in ministry -- a very gifted man. Roger will share insight into the operations of Open Road Chapels as he has a large heart to serve others.

Photo of James Bruyn

James Bruyn

James joined our Board of Directors as Board Member for Canada West. He oversees ministry operations in Alberta and British Columbia. He currently serves on the Board for Navigators Canada, and has served on the Board of his home church. As the founder of Faith at Work Ministry, James wants to see Christ-transformed employees, coworkers, leaders and workplaces. He is working presently, as a consultant with American Freight Railroads. James and Susan have a heart for sharing the Gospel in the work place.

Photo of Al Muma

Al Muma

Chairman of our Board of Directors

Al was part of the founding team of Open Road Chapels in 1992, serving in the IT department. His wife, Sandie, worked in the office in Alcona Beach until it was relocated to Newmarket. Both have a heart for ministry, with the desire to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Al comes to us with a background in business and computer software. His sense of humour and desire for professionalism is a great asset. It is a pleasure to partner together in ministry.

Photo of Martin Tot

Martin Tot

Martin joins our Board of Directors, filling the position as Director, Ontario West. He will be giving oversight to the ministry across Western Ontario. Martin and Jackie have a heart for ministry and have been part of Open Road Chapels since 1992. Martin works in the education system in London, Ontario, with the disabled, helping them to develop their life skills. He drives transport when he has the opportunity because it gives him a clearer vision of the current challenges of life in the trucking industry.