Photo of John Michel

John Michel

John brings to the Board years of experience in the manufacturing industry. He sees drivers come and go from their business and has a great desire to see them brought into the Kingdom of God. He has been a long time supporter of Open Road Chapels and is excited about the direction of the ministry.

Photo of Anthony Rauws

Anthony Rauws

Antonie is transitioning from board member to full-time Operations Coordinator. Antonie brings to the Board years of experience serving on Church Boards. He has retired from the automotive industry as a mechanic and can relate to the trucking industry. Antonie has a passion to see people won to the Lord, a great compliment to our Board.

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Photo of Terry Wills

Terry Wills

Chairman of the Board

Terry joined the Board of Directors in 2004. Presently Terry is serving as our Vice Chairman to our Board of Directors. Terry and his wife Heather have a heart for ministry and are dedicated supporters. Terry brings vast experience in the trucking industry with a heart of touching the lives of drivers. Terry and Heather are well experienced with ministry and the development required in the operation of a Board of Directors.

Photo of Heather Allison

Heather Allison

Heather brings to the board years of experience in finance and financial planning. She has a passion for the Lord and has developed a strong prayer ministry for Open Road Chapels. Her vision of trucking from a women’s perspective is a tremendous asset.

Photo of Bruce Benson

Bruce Benson

Bruce is a founding member on the Board of Open Road chapels in 1992. He is and continues to be Chairman of finance. Bruce and his wife Carol are long standing supporters of Open Road Chapels. Bruce brings with him many years of business in experience. Bruce is very familiar with serving on Board of Directors and brings with him vast experience in this area of ministry.

Photo of Jacques Maltais

Jacques Maltais

Jacques brings to the Board many years of experience from his employee placement business. His love for the Lord is expressed in his guitar playing and music. He has many years of experience in trucking and now providing employment for drivers. He shares his practical experience at the Board level.