clarkApril 2017

Spring is just around the corner. We will see God at work with the flowers blooming and the trees coming to life. Springtime is when we are busy with a number of things such as yard work, outside jobs etc. It is always a busy time at the chapel as there are more drivers that need help.

At the Calgary Chapel I am so thankful for the team I have. They all make sacrifices to come to the chapel. I am looking forward to having Michael Sears joining our teams. Presently he is completing his paper work for approval. I believe he will complement our existing team and give me time for other aspects of ministry.

I am always amazed how fast the days go by on the chapel. There are always people who want to talk, from homeless, Flying J staff and mostly truck drivers. These people all have difficulties in their lives. Some need prayer, others need practical help, others a listening ear. The greatest need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A couple of drivers that come to mind are Larry and Chris. Larry is asking all kinds of questions about God and religion. He wants to start attending church and learn more about the Lord. His goal is to retire and join Open Road Chapels team in the future. Chris is a driver I see every 1 to 2 weeks. He has been dealing with some serious personal problems and recently purchased a Bible and started reading. He is telling me about how reading the Bible is changing his life. Future talks are going to happen. Both drivers are coming to the team because of the relationships we have built over the last several months. I thank God for these wonderful opportunities.

Our ministry mandate is to raise financial support for my personal and ministry requirements. On behalf of Linda and I, would you consider joining our ministry team by praying and or supporting us financially? The enclosed information explains in detail how you can participate in our ministry. Thank you in advance for allowing us to share this update.

A special thank you to those who are already part of our team it is our pleasure to partner with you in this exciting ministry. May you and your loved ones enjoy the beautiful spring.

God Bless,

Ron and Linda Clark

Western Canadian Director

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