Have you ever been in line returning items to a store when the person ahead becomes very angry, antagonistic and rude toward the store clerk because the item cannot be returned. The conversation continues as the line of impatient people grows. Finally the unsatisfied customer leaves vowing never to return. YOU are next. You feel the eyes of every one in line burning in your back holding their breath as you approach the clerk, only to receive a full refund on a non returnable purchase, by a warm and friendly clerk!

Scripture in Luke 23:39-43 shares the same discourse. Christ on the cross surrounded by 2 malefactors, one railing him the other receiving free grace to enter heaven. Christ, the store clerk from heaven dealing with non returnable sin of man kind. True there is rejoicing over one who enters heaven but what about the other? On our journey in the waiting line of life may we remember Christ the store clerk and the frightful decisions of man.

Late one evening a driver climbed down from his truck and began to share his journey of life with me. A driver of over 40 years, his spirit gentle but his body was scarred from long life behind the wheel of a truck. His spiritual journey scarred by road blocks and failures yet within his eyes there was a glimmer of hope. When he ran out of words he looked me right in the eye waiting for a response. Not sure what to say it appeared he was struggling to grasp something tangible. With words of encouragement I suggested he required a greater focus on Christ and to let him guide the journey. With tear filled eyes he dedicated his life to Christ. Before he headed back to his truck he gathered some reading material and CD packs. Prior to climbing into his truck he looked back at me “I knew Christ was the answer but did not know how!” and disappeared into his cab.

By the time you receive this letter doors will be open on the chapel at the Pilot Flying J Travel Center in Headingly, Manitoba. It is true the trailer is made of wood and metal with windows and a door. But it is much more; it is a bright light shining in a dark world. Within the walls of this small chapel men and women will be confronted with failure, victory, tears of joy, tears of sadness, broken hearts and broken dreams. Worlds that have fallen apart will be repaired, dreams restored some completed. Many who walk or drive by the chapel will laugh or scorn, some will ignore and some even curse. Scripture is very clear every man and woman will bow their knees to Him willingly or unwillingly, the chapel is part of this vital process.

You may or may not have noticed a central Canada address on our stationary. Part of our growth strategy includes involving communities. Eventually an office will be established in Steinbach to give us an opportunity to build and encourage partners proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world of trucking.

Watch for up-coming details to join Open Road Chapels this fall in celebration of 25 years of ministry. Journey with us from the beginning, present and future. Meet our Board of Directors, chaplains, music and have great fellowship. A special offering will go towards the purchase of another chapel! YOU JUST HAVE TO BE THERE!

“Thank you” for your financial investment in the past and I know I can count on YOU again. Prayerfully stand with us as we look to the Lord for eighty thousand dollars ($80,000.00) funding needed immediately. The funding will be divided equally to the following urgent needs, to supplement existing full-time chaplains and office staff, the mobile chapel operation budget and office equipment up-grades. The enclosed information explains in detail how to process your special financial gift for this urgent need. Thank YOU for standing with us once again. I look forward to hearing from you immediately.

Words cannot express our ‘thank you’ to YOU for standing with us in ministry for the past 25 years. Without YOU our ministry would not exist. Thank you for your prayers, financial support, cards and words of encouragement.

May Easter be a special time for you and your family.

In His Service,

Rev. Don Harrison,

Executive Director O.R.C.

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