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      Welcome to our Knights of the Road program. It is our pleasure to have you join us. We trust that this will be very informative and at the conclusion you will become a family member through Knights of the Road.

      “Knights of the Road bringing freedom to the road” was founded by the Lord through our Executive Director, Don Harrison. Don has many hats in the ministry, but the one most enjoyable is the operation of the mobile chapel. Three months of the year you will find him traveling across Canada, beginning in Ontario and finishing in western Canada, visiting Pilot Flying J Travel Centres that do not presently have a permanent chapel. 

      Our vision begins at the location in Sault Saint Marie, Ontario. Located on Highway 17, it is one of two major truck routes across northern Ontario. As per schedule, the mobile chapel was on site with doors open and ready for action. Fuel islands were very busy with trucks coming and going, but the parking lot was another story. Several trucks were parked in corners of the lot. Don will ask you, “How do we reach drivers, when there are none?”

      Over the next 5 days Don received a view of something he already knew, but it came in a stronger message. Day after day remarkable opportunities came to share Christ, pray, distribute literature and greet regular drivers in the coffee shop and at the fuel islands. This is only one short testimony, “…sitting in the coffee shop full of drivers, one man asked me for a Bible.” Don will tell you that it was the most blessed week he had experienced in his 25 years of ministry. Read another testimony here.

      The long trip home was another story. Mile after mile, one thing haunted him. The Lord had worked in a mighty way because people were supporting him in prayer and financially. What would create a closer connection between servants and supporters? “It was night time and home was just around the corner, when a a cattle truck passed me like a flash. The bright lights cut the darkness like a spear, followed by Christmas tree lights on the trailer. The image of a knight riding his horse into battle and cutting the darkness with his spear.”

      It’s been some time since Don’s journey home, but the vision remains. A Knight of the Road bringing freedom to the road is the conduit to create a genetic connection and spiritual transfusion from ministry partners to servants. This connection will empower us to reach men and women who travel the highways of this land. In the next 90 days we are asking the Lord to help us reach 100 Knights of the Road at $20 per month, and 30 at $50 per month. Why not sign up for automatic debit and avoid the monthly paper work? Our office staff is waiting to hear from you. Why not call right now and become a Knight of the Road?

      In the days to come we trust you will enjoy regular updates, personal communication and opportunities for input and discussion. We know you will enjoy reading testimonies from others touched by the hand of the Lord. Thank you for your caring and compassionate heart that overflows into the lives of people across Canada.

      Thank you for allowing us to share this short update with you. Your participation as a Knight of the Road is very important and we trust you will understand the significance. Thank you for your vital part in Open Road Chapels. May you experience God’s special blessing in these days.

Director of Knights of the Road.


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