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Dear friends:

It was great to spend a week at the Pilot Flying J Travel Centre at Sault Saint Marie, Ontario; a new facility placed in the heart of trucking in the north. Looking at the parking lot it told a story of fuel islands busy, yet the parking lot was barely inhabited. The remaining trucks parked in the furthermost corners of the lot, acknowledging drivers in their trucks proved to be an interesting venture. The remaining days were a review of something I already understood. From an empty parking lot people came struggling with tough issues of life seeking real answers. The testimony of Larry is just one of many.

Met Larry as I introduced myself to managers and staff, part of my regular routine, especially my first time
in a location. He was a quiet man, medium build, soft spoken and seemed nervous when I shook his hand.
He was very business minded, placing inventory in the correct location throughout the store. My first impression
was that he did not like me, but what could I do? I tried to acknowledge Larry on my many visits to the store and
drivers room, with no change! One of my ministry tools is to place 2 lawn chairs outside the chapel, sit in one
and invite others to join me. Sitting in my chair and admiring the empty lot, I noticed Larry coming my way.
He walked by me saying very little, but returned minutes later. Larry, in his own quiet way, began to thank me
for being available to help drivers. Shocked by his response I explained how we operate visiting locations
across Canada. He thanked me for my quiet ministry approach and slowly began to share his journey of life.
He acknowledged that both he and his wife were Christians, but admitted their lack of Church attendance and
Bible reading. They both grew up in the Sault with no desire to leave. Pilot Flying J had offered him a
GM position at a location in Alberta. Would I pray for them and their decision? My immediate response, as I
knew the location, was to share some history and that I would be at this location in September. He had a few
questions pertaining to the location and was ready to leave when I said, “Larry, let me pray for you right now.”
When I finished praying he looked up with tears in his eyes and thanked me several times. Ready to leave on
Friday, I made my trip inside the store to thank managers and staff for the opportunity to help. Larry met me
with a thankful hand shake and again thanked me for my help. “I look forward to seeing you in Alberta this fall.”
Larry’s response was a big smile!

One thought continued to haunt me mile after mile on my journey home. How could I recreate the passion of eyes filled with tears and a face changed by hope to each individual ministry partner? Each partner is genetically connected providing spiritual transfusion for each activity of Open Road Chapels. It is night time. Home is just around the corner when a cattle truck passed me like a flash. The bright lights cut the darkness like a spear followed by a Christmas tree of lights on the trailer, an image of a knight riding his horse into battle.

It’s been some time since my journey home from Sault St. Marie, but the image of the knight on the road remains strong. The vision remains. “Knights of the Road bringing freedom to the road” best describes each individual ministry partner of Open Road Chapels. Without your genetic connection and spiritual transfusion of prayer and financial support nothing would happen. Highways would remain dark and the gospel lights would go dim.

Let me be the first to invite you to become a “Knight of the Road bringing freedom to the Road”. Your monthly donation of $20.00 to $50.00 will add the genetic connection and spiritual transfusion necessary to reach people like Larry and others. In the next 90 days we are asking the Lord to help us reach 100 new Knights of the Road. The enclosed information explains with ease, the process of your donation. Why not sign up for automatic bank debit or credit card and avoid the monthly paper work? Our office staff is waiting to hear from you. Why not call right now 1-877-850-0019 and become a “Knight of the Road”?

Thank you in advance for becoming a “Knight of the Road.” In the days to come I trust you will enjoy regular up-dates, personal communication and opportunities for in-put and discussion. Thank you for your caring and compassionate heart that overflows into the lives of Larry and others across Canada. Your participation as a “Knight of the Road” is very important and I trust you will understand the significance. Thank you for your vital part in Open Road Chapels. May you experience God’s special blessings during this Thanksgiving season.

Yours truly,
Rev. Don Harrison
Executive Director, Open Road Chapels   

P.S. Be a Knight of the Road, right now, to bring freedom to the road.

P.P.S. Please join us at our 25th Anniversary celebration on Saturday, November 4, 2017, in Barrie, Ont. Looking forward to visiting with you then!


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